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Animal fence — Miners Stockfeed in Pleystowe, QLD

fencing, electric fencing and vet supplies for Mackay farmers and pet owners


We are a premium stockist of sturdy, high-quality fencing supplies in Mackay. Our fencing is unrivalled in strength and security for both your property and livestock.

We supply the following:
  • Animal fencing & cages
  • Electric fencing
  • Fence droppers
  • Fence posts & pickets
  • Retractable fencing

electric fencing

Electric fencing is a safe, inexpensive way of containing your animals—including horse, sheep, cattle and livestock—in a selected are of pasture or crop. We supply wiring, controllers, diverters and batteries for your electric fencing needs.

Our electric fencing supplies are renowned for safety and resilience.

Call or visit the Miners Stockfeed team today. Our staff offer expert advice on gazing, pasture management and fencing solutions.
Electric fence — Miners Stockfeed in Pleystowe, QLD
Cat veterinary — Miners Stockfeed in Pleystowe, QLD

vet supplies

We have a large selection of health and veterinarian products to care for your animals’ well-being. We have a stock of supplies to assist in controlling the outbreak of parasites and supplies to help care for your sick animal.

feeding and water supplies

From watering troughs to auto-feeders, Miners Stockfeed has a number of quality products to make caring for your livestock easier. Call us today to find out more!
Feeding and water supplies — Miners Stockfeed in Pleystowe, QLD


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